Bridezilla’ slammed for angry note warning strangers not to ruin her big day

A bride-to-be is locked in a bitter dispute after leaving a ‘passive-aggressive’ note warning others not to ruin her big day which she planned to host in a public area.

The woman posted a note in a communal woodland, warning others that they better stay away on a specific date – saying there would be swathes of people taking over the space.

But local residents weren’t happy, and posted a note in reply saying they would be reporting her to the police and towing away any cars that got in the way.

Now the woman is locked in a bitter dispute on social media, with many branding her as selfish and unreasonable, even though she has apologised and tried to row back from her initial statement.

The initial note, which is believed to be left in Alaska, America, said: “Friday and Saturday, June 18th and 19th, we will be hosting our wedding ceremony and reception – please do not camp here!

“We have an entire guest list arriving for the weekend to celebrate so if you decide to anyways we will set up around you and do it anyway.

“Make sure you have a gift and a dish for the BBQ. PS this will be a loud music and late-night type of weekend so if you’re here expect that. There will be 50+ of us. Thank you for understanding.”

Soon, there was another note added, which reads ‘GOOD LUCK! There’s a teenage boy campout and family photo shoot this weekend. GO AWAY!’, then another was added a short while later.

The third note read: “Hey congrats on your upcoming wedding but your plan to host a ton of people and play ‘loud music’ for two days is not going to work for the residents of this area.

“Also, where do you plan to park all these cars? And where will you be going to the bathroom and cleaning up after yourselves?

“We all suggest you relocate ASAP somewhere else where you won’t be causing a nuisance for our neighbourhood folks, and if not, don’t be surprised to have the troopers pay a visit because they will be summoned and cars will be towed at your expense.”

Images of the notes have been circulating on Reddit, with many people describing the woman’s first note as ‘passive agressive’ and labelling her as a bridezilla.

One user said: “This would make me want to camp, and I hate camping.”

And another wrote: “I’m down for free food and drinks. As long as I bring some chips and dip it should be fine, right?”

While a third added: “I just see this ending badly and turning into a post on public freakout when this bridezilla doesn’t get what she wants.”

The user who photographed the note added that the incident had been reported to the authorities, but they had been told that no ‘rules are being broken at this point’.

He added: “Nobody can really enforce basic respect for those living in the area I guess.”

The conversation online continued, and it heated up so much that soon the bride issued a statement that was shared on the page.

She said: “I in no way wanted to offend the community. My sign was in an effort to detour punk kids trying to party. I can assure the community that we will not be a disturbance and that we will not leave a mess.

“We are forever Alaskans and avid campers. I never in a million years thought the community would uproar. I didn’t think to contact the community because I knew we wouldn’t be a disturbance.

“I knew we wouldn’t be a disturbance to the residents, my sign was exaggerated in an effort for punk kids to go elsewhere not to p**s off people who live there.

“I apologise to anyone insulted and provoked. I’ve learned my lesson and I’m extremely grateful this community cares about their surroundings enough to be concerned. I’m so sorry for all the confusion we just want to enjoy our peaceful ceremony with our family. thank you so much for your time.”

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