Mum astonished to find mannequin in M&S which is the spitting image of her son

Everyone knows what when it comes to clothes shopping, you can’t trust what the items look like on the mannequins, because for the most part, the mannequins never look anything like real life.

Except, it turns out that sometimes they actually do look like people, and in the case of this Marks and Spencer mannequin, it looks absolutely identical to a five-year-old boy.

Louise A’hern got the shock of her life when she was wandering around Marks and Spencer with son Austin and made the bizarre discovery.

The 48-year-old thought she was seeing double when she spotted a mannequin which looked like a body double of Austin, and they even had matching outfits on.

Baffled by the incredible likeness, the mum, from Ystradgynlais, Powys, Wales, got him to pose next to the mannequin so she could take a photo, and realised that they even had the same floppy blonde hair, face and stance.

“Honestly, I just couldn’t believe it. Nobody knows their child more than the parent,” she said.

“Their facial features were the same, the mannequin’s feet stood the way Austin stood, and even the hairstyle matched the way Austin’s hair was cut. It’s just unbelievable.”

Louise went on to say that five-year-old Austin couldn’t stop laughing after spotting his ‘twin’ and even kept touching its hair.

“That’s just so funny. Austin kept saying ‘that just looks like me,'” she continued, adding that a friend had mentioned the mannequin’s likeness to Austin before they visited the store.

The friend had taken a picture of the dummy and showed it to Austin, who initially thought the photo was of himself.

Louise said: “And then he looked closer and thought ‘what am I doing there?’ He then realised he didn’t get those clothes because the mannequin was originally wearing a pair of pyjamas.

“He then went ‘that’s not me, who’s that?’ He looked at it again, and couldn’t understand what’s going on.”

While they were out visiting Austin’s ‘twin’ all the staff in Marks and Spencer couldn’t help but comment on just how alike the pair looked.

Well, Austin, if you’re ever looking to get out of school or a social event – you know where to find your stunt double!

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